About Pageant


I am so excited to bring you America's Perfect Face National Pageant. After
over 25 years of directing experience, I am confident  that you will find
our system professional and dependable. At APF, we stress FUN, excitement
and the true spirit of good pageantry! Our girls will be proud to represent
their APF titles, yet are not obligated to our system for the year. We have
no commitments, however you may choose to represent your title and all of
our winners are invited back to crown the 2020 National.

We have some great events that girls from ALL walks of pageantry and girls
brand new to competition will find fun and exciting! Please, should you have
any questions, contact me personally. I am very happy to help and all of us
at America's Perfect Face want you to have a fabulous weekend with us. 


"We are Walking on Sunshine!" 
Martha Michaud
Executive National Director 

Need more information? Feel free to phone 843-290-6592 9am-7pm

Other Info:

SELECT OPTIONALS Enter 2 to compete for “Overall titles” 
You may enter as many as you wish but only 2 are needed. 
It’s up to YOU! 
Casual Wear, Interview, Fun Fashion/Party Wear, Talent 
SIDE OPTIONALS Choose from these to qualify for Majestic titles.
Natural photogenic, Spokesmodel, Community Service

Awarded in Each Age Division 
Best Personality, Best Fashion, Academic Excellence & Best Smile 
(not counted toward titles) 

Fast Facts... At A Glance...

While we are looking for beautiful contestants, at APF stress the whole girl and young lady.  We have these great extras that will give you a chance to put your unique style to use, without the stress of it being part of your overall score! Each girl who participates our “Side Optionals” will win awards judged by our separate panel of judges. Events such as community service, spokesmodel and natural photogenic, help add to the special appeal of our pageant. All titles require gown competition. After that, it is all up to you! 


Who can compete? We invite contestants from all areas of pageantry to compete! Making APF your first national pageant is a perfect way to get started! No preliminary is needed. We are a no commitment national and you are free to compete in any other pageant you like when you are one of our title holders.